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Kensington is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of a Mayor and four Trustees, each of whom is elected for a two-year term and serves without compensation. Their terms are staggered. Village elections, at which village residents who are registered voters may vote, are held annually.

        The Board of Trustees meets in a monthly public session at the village hall, typically on the third Wednesday of the month. Meeting time is 8:00 p.m. The trustees enact village ordinances, establish the budget, authorize the expenditure of village funds and approve the mayor’s appointments of residents as members of village boards and committees. These board and committee members also serve without compensation.

        The Village Justice is elected to a four-year term of office and presides at the village justice court in sessions held each month at the village hall. The village court has jurisdiction over violations of village code and violations of motor vehicle laws that occur within the village.

        The village has its own police force, supervised by the village Chief of Police, which provides 24-hour protection, seven days a week. A trustee is appointed Police Commissioner to act as an intermediary between the police and the board of trustees. Residents must obtain village stickers for their cars at the police booth, located at 1A Beverly Road. In addition, residents are requested to notify the police if they anticipate a large number of visitors. Also, residents may inform the police when leaving on vacation so they may keep an extra close watch on your home.

        The Zoning Board of Appeals is composed of a chairperson and four other members, appointed to five year terms of office, who hear requests for variances from the village zoning code.

        The village contracts out its public works functions. A trustee is appointed Public Works Commissioner and oversees this activity. Included is the upkeep of all village property, including the village green and parks, streets, sidewalks and the pool area. This includes cleaning of roads, plowing and sanding of roads and village tree planting and removal. The pool area, while serviced by the public works contractor, also has its own trustee supervisor, the Pool Commissioner.

        The village park and pool is located on East Shore Road. It is a fully staffed and equipped facility, available to all residents from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The recreational facilities include a kiddie pool, kiddie park, adult pool, playing field, lounging area, snack bar, showers and lockers. Athletic equipment is available on request. The pool is available for private rental by residents and may be arranged for by contacting the Pool Commissioner. The playground at the pool may be used by residents when the pool area is closed.

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