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    The Zoning Board of Appeals is composed of a chairperson and four other members, appointed to five year terms of office, who hear requests for variances from the village zoning code.

Zoning Board of Appeals

William Graham - Chairperson
Andrew Bloom
David Lester
Cindy Bender
Brent Greenspan
Mort Hans (Alternate)
Richard Rinderman (Alternate)

    The Architectural Review Board was created to preserve and promote the character and appearance of the community.

    It consists of a Chairperson and four other residents of the village appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Board of Trustees.¬† All members of the Board are deemed specially qualified by reason of training, experience, or civic interest and by reason of sound judgment to judge the effects of a proposed building or exterior alteration on the nature and character of the community and of the immediate neighborhood.¬†

The Architectural Review Board meets monthly, if required, on the first Wednesday of the month at the village hall at 8:30 p.m., but no meeting in August.


Architectural Review Board

Andrea Dennett - Co-Chairperson
Joyce Li - Co-Chairperson
Nancy Sweder - Deputy Chair
Matt Jagoda - Member
Tom O'Hara - Member
Flori Silverstein - Member

    The Board of Assessors professionally creates a yearly tax listing in accordance with the Nassau County Assessment Roll.
Board of Assessors
Susan Lopatkin - Chairperson
Darren Kaplan
Phil Bornstein
Alina Hendler
Jeffrey Greener
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