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        Refuse removal is contracted out by the village. The current company is Meadow Carting (338-0121). Pick up is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Collections are not made on legal holidays.  Recyclables are picked up on Thursday (Glass is no longer considered a recyclable). Big bulk items are picked up on Saturdays.  Only one (1) big item will be picked up at a time. 
        Household waste will be collected from no more than four containers left at the rear or side of the house. Rubbish, including grass clippings, cardboard boxes and similar debris should be left at the front of the property immediately behind the hedge line ( about five feet in from the sidewalk ). Newspapers are picked up every Thursday. Leave them at the hedge line. Recyclables are picked up on Thursdays as well.

The following items will be EXCLUDED FROM ALL PICK UPS

Scrap Lumber and other debris resulting from the construction or renovation of premises by Contractors.  Hazardous waste, volatile materials, propane tanks, gas tanks, brick asphalt, concrete, granite, marble and all other stone  and stoneware, lime asbestos, automobile parts (engines, transmissions, rear ends, auto body parts, etc.) Pipes, Infectious and biological waste, logs larger than 4” in diameter or longer than 4’, chain link fencing, and cables.

Meadow Carting: (516) 338-0121





Newspapers & Inserts
Magazines & Newsletters
Direct Mail & Catalogues
Construction & Wrapping Paper
Index Greeting Cards
Paperback Books

  • Pack in brown paper bags or tie with twine
  • Place on top or to the side of your recycling can


Corrugated cardboard only

  • Flatten and tie in bundles of approximately 2’x2”x 6”
  • Place next to recycling can
Recycle 1
Recycle 2
Look for the proper symbol
the bottom of the container

All containers bearing the symbols shown at left, including:

  • Food & Dairy containers
  • Juice & Water containers
  • Liquid detergent containers
  • Rinse all containers
  • Remove Labels
  • Caps & lids may remain on
  • Place in your recycling can


Food & Beverage cans
Pet food and juice cans
Clean aluminum pans

  • Rinse all containers
  • Remove Labels
  • Place in your recycling can

RESIDENT DROP OFF - Open: Sundays 7:30am – 3:30pm
999 West Shore Road, Roslyn, NY

North Hempstead residents have an additional means to dispose of non-hazardous waste such as general refuse, furniture, residentially generated construction and demolition debris, and yard waste.  There is a minimum vehicle charge of $5.00 (includes 100 lb. Disposal, $1 per each additional 20lbs.) and no charge for recyclables and E-waste (computers, electronics, TV’s, batteries).

Proof of residency is required.  Commercial vehicles are not allowed.

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