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        No land in the village may be developed except in accordance with a “plat” approved by the Planning Board and recorded in the office of the Clerk of Nassau County. The board reviews applications for the approval of new subdivision lot lines and site plans. The board examines street and lot layout and land contour and drainage. The mayor and the trustees serve as the members of the planning board.       

       No structure may be erected, altered or demolished within the village except in accordance with an approved building permit. Application forms for building permits are available in the office of the village clerk at the village hall and must be submitted to the building inspector. Applications are reviewed by the Architectural Review Board, which consists of a chairperson and four other members. The board may recommend to the Board of Trustees approval or disapproval of an application or suggest modifications to bring the application into compliance with the village code. The village building inspector issues approved building permits, inspects work in progress, and issues certificates of occupancy for structures completed in accordance with the village code.

Commissioner of Buildings Darren Kaplan
Tree Commissioner Alina Hendler
Building Inspector Michael McNerney
(PDF Format - Print out and Submit to VOK Office)
Building Permit Application  
Plumbing Permit Application  

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