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Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meeting

FEBRUARY 21, 2018

Present:  Mayor Susan Lopatkin, Trustees; Darren Kaplan, Alina Hendler and Phil Bornstein. Absent:  Jeff Greener

Mayor Lopatkin brought the meeting to order at 8:02 PM. 

On motion of Mayor Lopatkin, seconded by Trustee Kaplan, approve minutes from the January 17, 2018 meeting. The vote was 4 for, 0 against and 0 abstentions. Motion carried. 

Architectural Review Board

88 Arleigh:  presenting homeowner Shalegani and Architect Ed Dickman presented new plans to change the walkway to bluestone, add a 2½ “ piece of stone for a ledge, and make the bricks match the bottom of the house.  All requested by the ARB. Pavers were also added in the back for a patio. On motion by Mayor Lopatkin seconded by Trustee Hendler to accept plans as presented. The vote was 4 for, 0 against and 0 abstentions.

Mayors Update:   The police moved everything out of headquarters and moved everything upstairs.  They will use the desk in the back of the village hall office for reports. Construction in the booth will take about one month.    There has been trouble with the telephones switching over.  No one knows whose fault it is but we are working with out phone contact Alan Itchkow to solve the problem.     

The Board voted to send flowers to the wake of Stephanie Butt’s mother for tomorrow. 

The ARB evaluated the original placement of the Gazebo and Flori and Dana were opposed to the placement, because they felt if hindered the play of the children in the Village.  Everyone else in the ARB is ok with it.  Joyce Li, the Mayor and Mike McNerney came up with the new location by the Police booth.  The ARB liked this placement.  The Gazebo will now be 18’ instead of 16’ at the request of some members of the ARB and concurred by the building inspector.  The Gazebo will be made of wood not vinyl with a short pathway and no floor.
Trustee Hendler would like a floor in the Gazebo she believes it makes it look nicer. The floor would be composite but still would need some cleaning.  The manufacturer recommended no floor, just an aggregate concrete floor.  If there is a floor, there will need to be a graduated ramp and railings from the pathway to the gazebo to make is handicap accessible.  Darren Kaplan, Phil Bornstein, Jordan Mayer have no opinion regarding the floor.  Mayor Lopatkin will work with Joyce Li to do some more research on the flooring and ramps and will reach out to the ARB members for more input on this subject.  The board agreed to place the order for the gazebo in order to obtain the 10% discount for February and hold the question about the floor and the color of the roof open until they are finalized.

1 North Drive, has been staked out and surveyed for the reclaiming of Village property.  The Department of Transportation had claimed that it was a private road and it is not. Currently the homeowners of 1 North drive use that land to access their garage. 

29 Arleigh came in to the building department to get a permit to repair the roof.  He had received numerous tickets to fix the roof.  Mayor Lopatkin advised the Building Inspector to stop issuing tickets now that the repair will be taking place.  The Building Inspector should examine the roof to determine if an entire replacement is necessary. 

73 Arleigh went to ARB and many residents objected to the house plans.  The ARB instructed the contractor to start again and then re-present it.  

At a recent Water Authority meeting, Mayor Lopatkin was told that they cannot  do curb to curb restoration for the water main replacement work as we require because it’s too expensive.  There was no decision and no vote was taken on this matter.  Our water mains are in the back of the homes however, those mains are over 100 years old.  There might come a time when we will have to worry about this when they have to replace them.  Each Village appoints someone to sit on the Board. Mayor Lopatkin sits on the Board for Kensington. 

There was a clerical error in the 2018/19 assessment roll this year lowering the assessment from 2434 to 2127.  The monies not collected for this at the end of the year will be written off in the amount of 1159.15.

On motion by Mayor Lopatkin seconded by Trustee Bornstein to introduce the Vigilant Fire and Ambulance contract for next year.  The public hearing will be held on March 21, 2018 at 8pm at the Village Hall.

Manhasset Bay Protection Committee will come to speak to the Board in April to update us.

Alina Hendler – Tree Commissioner:  Nothing to report this evening

Darren Kaplan – Building Commissioner:   Presented the new “renters dwelling units” code to the Board.  He has also sent it to Andrea Tsoukalis Curto of Forchelli, Deegan, Terrana for her comments.  Darren feels we should wait to discuss after Andrea gets back to him.

Jeff Greener beautification: Absent.

Philip Bornstein pool: 

OPEN TIME:  Nothing this evening.

On motion of Mayor Lopatkin seconded by Trustee Hendler accept the Police, Village Justice and Treasurers reports. The vote was 4 for, 0 against and 0 abstentions. Motion carried.

On motion of Trustee Bornstein, seconded by Trustee Kaplan adjourn the meeting at 9:20 PM.

Entered into Exec. Session 9.00 PM
Exec session over 9:18 PM

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